Acabo de recibir una amable rejection letter de Oni Press, referida a su campaña de Talent Search de este año, en la cual he participado.

La reproduzco como simple curiosidad para los que nunca hayan recibido una de estas (yo, unas cuantas; y en varios idiomas):

"Dear Calo,Thank you for participating in Oni Press' 2006 Talent Search! We know the submissions process is often frustrating and unfriendly – not unlike beating your head against a very large wall. We appreciate the efforts you have made not only in crafting the samples, but in getting them out there, as well.

Unfortunately, your work does not meet our needs at this time. While we enjoyed your submission we still think you have some things to work on with your art. First of all, you definitely have a style down, which is a very very good thing. Keep working on your line weight and value, feel free to switch it up a bit. Your consistency is very solid as well, but try to avoid profile shots at all costs. Overall we feel you are on the verge of being very good, but you still need to get just a few things down. So just keep working and working! We'd like to see more from you in the future, so please do keep at it.

As another short piece of advice (and you may have already heard this), we recommend that you pick up Will Eisner’s Comics and Sequential Art and Sequential Storytelling; Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics and Making Comics; David Chelsea’s book on perspective; and Brune Hogarth’s series on the dynamics of drawing, writers on comic scriptwriting, and even our own Queen & Country Scriptbook. In our opinion, these are the best books available about the art of comic books.

Thank you again for participating!-"

-----Douglas E. Sherwood
Editorial Assistant
Oni Press, Inc.

Os cuelgo las páginas que realizé, sobre un guión de Nunzio DeFilippis & Christina Weir (del cual omito los textos, por la cosa del copyright). Se trataba de elegir de entre tres guiones de diferentes géneros (romance, noir y comedy) y autores. Yo, claro, elegí el romance.